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Grab your snorkelling gear, step off the beach and immerse yourself in the natural beauty of Ningaloo’s coral gardens.You can experience some of the best game fishing in Australia from Coral Bay in WA. Just cast a line from the designated beaches or join a deep sea bottom fishing or light game fishing tour.Swim with the whale sharks from March to June, or with the majestic manta rays all year round.Check out the reef shark nursery, just a 20 minute walk from Main Beach. From October to March as many as 200 reef sharks lurk in the shallow waters.Head down to Main Beach at 3.30pm and feed the schools of norwest snapper that swim into shore at this time every day.Visit in March or April and you might be lucky enough to witness the annual coral spawning.

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Coral Bay

Located approx 9 nautical miles NNE from Exmouth. There are two islands - North and South. These islands are very popular locations for recreational day use such as snorkelling, diving, swimming and fishing. It is also an important habitat for seabirds and various other flora and fauna. The island's beaches are highly significant to nesting Green and Loggerhead turtles during the months of November to April. 

Day access is permitted on both islands, however overnight camping is only allowed seasonally on the north section of South Muiron Island. Guidelines have been developed to protect this special area. Written request to camp must be made to the Shire of Exmouth and the Department of Environment and Conservation's Exmouth office. Any proposal to camp on the island for longer than three nights shall be referred to the Shire of Exmouth for approval.

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Muiron Islands

Boat Hire Exmouth - Wilderness

Take one of our boats over to Wilderness Island, or we can even meet you there!

Wilderness Island is an island paradise perfectly positioned in the pristine wilderness that makes up the Eastern side of the Exmouth Gulf. The island is around 1.6km long and 800 metres wide. It features sandy beaches, limestone cliffs, sand dunes and mangroves.

The island is a natural sweep of white sand and rocky headlands that is home to turtles, kangaroos and numerous bird species. The pristine waters host an unimaginable variety of marine life including whales, dugongs, manta rays, turtles, dolphins and a myriad of fish species.

Our highly versatile boats are perfect for accessing the fishing on offer around Wilderness Island and the Exmouth Gulf. We recommend a smaller vessel if you are planning on staying close to the flats, as they are more suited to the flats and creek fishing on offer. If you are planning to head offshore into the deeper water, then a bigger boat is the way to go.

Whatever you choose, you can be assured of a reliable boat, back up by the expertise and support of the crew at Wilderness Island and Ningaloo Reef Boat Hire.

Boat Hire Exmouth - Wilderness Island


Wilderness Island

Things to do...

Here is a taste of some of the great things you can do while around the amazing coral coast.                                 Click here for a map!

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